Slides by Zion Ng

(Video recordings for some of the talks are available here)

2020-05-09: Ever More O Lord

2019-04-04: Understanding And Implementing PSR

2019-02-11: PHPUnit Annotations

2018-12-10: Writing A SGQR Parser

2018-09-26: Designing Developer-Friendly JSON For API Responses

2018-08-03: PHP News

2018-08-03: Intro To Web Security

2018-07-04: PHP News

2018-05-04: PSR-15 Http Server Request Handlers

2017-03-15: Zend PHP Certification

2017-01-11: PSR-7 And Middleware

2016-08-22: Understanding And Implementing PSR Workshop

2016-03-19: Journey As A Freelance Web Developer

2016-01-27: GA Sample Teach

2016-01-11: Dynamic Sites To Static Pages

2015-10-16: Zend Framework

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